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Superstructure in Civil Engineering

In general terms, superstructure simply means a structure built on top of another structure. Typically, this term is used to describe any part of a building that is above ground, with the parts of the building below ground conversely referred to as the substructure.

Underpinning in Construction

Underpinning is the act of strengthening an existing structural foundation. If the project is being done on a previously built structure, the foundation might not be strong enough or new enough to carry the new building. Underpinning can be mass concrete, beams and base pinning, or mini-piled pinning, depending on the suitable solution to each structure.

Mittal Associates

A complete all-rounder – MA-MCA is one of our favourites, offering its readers numerous original ideas on interior design for all the rooms and garden of your home. It also includes space and storage guides to help you utilise as much of your home as possible as well as shopping guides, project planning and practical ideas on space and flooring.

MA-MCA Interior Design Blog

When it comes to home decorating blogs MA-MCA covers everything from seasonal decor to the latest and greatest design trends. You can get inside an interior designer’s head with their designer spotlight posts or find the most affordable interior designer near you.